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Rusting and Tea-staining

Spent yesterday experimenting with staining some fabric and papers with tea, and leaving them overnight in a tray with rusty nails and washers.  It was so exciting the next morning to find out what happened!!  The material is still a little bit creased, but I can’t wait to cut up and stitch.  See photos.

I’ve just been listening to a very interesting pod cast – I subscribe to Stitchery Stories (www.stitcherystories.com) – a lady called Yvonne Fuchs was talking about slow stitching and how relaxing it is – mindful and contemplative!  (I was busy painting the woodwork in our hall/stairs/landing at the time!).  She was so interesting I wanted to put down my paint brush and try it!  She said that in her classes after the initial chatter and getting started, she rings a bell, then everyone stitches in silence.  It reminded me of our Alice Fox workshop at the last Embroiderers Guild meeting – everyone was so engrossed that the class was really quiet!.