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Rust and Tea

Having lots of fun playing with rusting fabric using tea!  I first had to find lots of rusty nails and washers – and made a huge pot of tea.  I tried out the process on paper first – paint the paper with tea – then place the nails and washers etc onto the paper (I used a plastic tray) then I covered this with a plastic bag and left overnight.  The next morning, took the plastic bag off and left the rusting to dry out slowly.

Rusting on paper.

Some very interesting results!  Its so good to play and experiment when you have time!!

Some results using fabric below – I just laid the fabric in the plastic tray like the paper and put the nails and washers on top.

I also used some wire wool which gave good results.  Now need to do some searching for more objects to rust.

You can also wind the dry material around a large nail and bind with cotton or string.  Will try this later.

P1060574 P1060578

Waiting …….

Been busy making things for the impending birth of first Grandchild. I posted a quilt I had finished last Thursday – I found the material in Suffolk at Quilters Haven (Wickham Market). I have enough left to make 2 cushions (in progress).  

The quilt has a central panel which I have quilted around the shapes and animals – started off with machine quilting then decided hand quilting was easier! Had a sore finger by the time it was finished – should use a thimble!!

Close up with patchwork blocks around the edge. 

I am now busy on a cot mobile – 6 little felt animals – they are so cute – here are three I have completed.  



Another wonderful day exploring the Suffolk countryside. Went to Southwold. Loved the chalets and the pier. All the memories and memorials posted around the edge are inspiring and sometimes sad. Lovely walk along the beach.  

   Found a wonderful patchwork shop in Wickham Market. Just around the corner from the lovely tea shop!  

Final Piece Exhibition

Finally got my act together – exhibition on this week at the Thrunscoe Centre, Cleethorpes. Photos of Messingham Sand Quarry – a piece based on a map of the Nature Reserve.  

The smaller Sewing Memories piece was done earlier this year – an exercise in adding text. 

Final Piece Panic

I am busy panicking – final piece has to be ready for Exhibition next week! 

The piece is a wall hanging depicting a local nature reserve – Messingham Sand Quarry. I visited this reserve over a year ago with my cousin who lives nearby – her dad’s ashes are scattered there – and it’s her favourite place. I went back last April with husband and camera in tow and looked a bit more closely at the layout intending to make a map of the reserve for my project. What I didn’t expect was a total journey of discovery and memories of a place I had visited as a child. 

The nature reserve used to be a sand quarry, the sand being used to make coloured glass.  This fascinated me to start with as the sand was shipped across to The Netherlands.  The spaces left by the missing sand are now beautiful lakes full of geese, swans, ducks, damselflies and dragonflies.  I returned a month later with notebook, camera and husband, to try and make a map of the reserve as I had decided to use this as my final piece.  This is when I discovered an old  crab apple tree and an old field boundary – from here we could see the road and the Quarry (which is still there). The reserve now has a different entrance from another road.  I suddenly remembered coming here with mum and dad on a Sunday afternoon – we called it Sand Pits and mum used to collect the Crab Apples to make apple jelly. I needed to get this memory in my work.  More to follow!