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My fascination with ammonites began when I visited our local museum 3 years ago. I had been to my local Embroiderers Guild meeting and we had been asked to visit the museum and photograph an artefact which would inspire us to create a piece of work for display in the museum later that year.


I thoroughly enjoyed designing and stitching my ammonite. Some close ups of my work below.

I have recently been working in my sketchbook designing another stitching project. This time incorporating the local steelworks which were the reason the ammonites were found – digging up iron ore in the area.

Sketchbook – Lino cut stamp
Working through some ideas.
Base material pinned into place.

Scrappy Nine Patch Workshop

Had a wonderful day on Saturday at our Embroidery Group. Alex Hall, one of our members, brought in samples of her work with the aim of attaching found objects with different stitches as well as using up fabric from our stash. We had been asked to bring in lots of different fabrics – so I decided on this colour scheme.

We first selected our fabrics – which was so much fun, then pinned them altogether.

Then I covered a few of the plastic rings and began randomly stitching. It was so relaxing spending a whole day just sewing and chatting. I am so pleased our group is back together!

I used Medium Perle hand dyed cotton from Stef Francis – I just love these variegated threads. I will post updates.

Winter Moon

The inspiration for Winter Moon came from SEATA (our Embroidery Group) in December. We had a competition which was to produce a piece of work from a Christmas card. The lady who won had produced a beautiful piece of embroidery based on a moonscape so this is my take on that.

I used scraps of white fabric and hand stitching with beads and French knots. In the foreground I added fly stitch foliage. I also added a repurposed frame.

Close up of Winter Moon stitching


I’ve started a sketchbook focusing on pattern. I remember doing something similar when I did my City and Guilds – and this one was begun after a watercolour class (not that I am very good but would love to learn!) and our tutor brought lots of her own sketchbooks.

I’m focusing on all areas of pattern but started off looking at line and space, then at Celtic patterns. I’m hoping to incorporate these into a larger piece of blackwork but I’ll see how it develops!!

Blackwork 3

This is the “Housewife” I completed for the WW1 display at our WI Federation Christmas Fayre next Saturday. A bit more blackwork – thoroughly enjoyed the stitching and working out what I should put where. Henry Shearman was my grandfather and served in the First World War as well as part of the Second World War. I don’t know an awful lot about where he served other than his regiment.

I left the “Housewife” very plain inside as we were instructed not to include needles/pins etc but they were used during the war by the soldiers to repair their uniforms. In my research I found some wonderful original examples, most of them in a “rolled up” design – easier to transport! This is the poster for our Christmas fayre- unfortunately this year it clashes with our Embroiderers Guild meeting – and I can’t miss that – it’s my favourite way to pass the day!! 😍

Crazy Patchwork

Our recent Embroiderers Guild workshop was all about crazy Patchwork. I loved it!! We firstly had to sew 4 pieces of material together in a specific order (probably the easy bit for me as I’ve done this before) – but then we had to add our own freestyle embroidery to the seams! I struggled with this a bit as I am still a beginner at combining stitches to make interesting patterns. But after a walk around the room to find some inspiration I tried ignoring the seams completely and drew some curved lines with my trusty water soluble pen.

There were lots of samples and photos to help us but it was friendship day after all – so an excuse to chat to everyone was welcome!My curved lines in stem and lazy daisy stitch.Added a few flowers to the centre panel. I now need to add the flower centres (pale yellow I think!) and decide what else to include.

I am really enjoying this! It’s a challenge but gets me thinking and trying out different ideas!!

We have a few ‘Grandson’ days coming up so I will post an update when time allows!!

Blackwork 2

Just finished my first piece of blackwork- enjoyed the process so much! I just started in the middle and worked outwards with no particular plan, but added sections afterwards. I’ve used basic filling stitches so my next piece will have to include some more ambitious stitches.

I’ve used a variegated green for the corner leaves – and autumnal colours. This piece will now go into this month’s travelling book at our Embroiderers Guild. Hope they like it!!!


It’s ages since I’ve blogged!!! Had such a busy summer – lots of holidays and visiting family. So back to Embroiderers Guild last Saturday- swapped my travelling book and needed some inspiration. At our Exhibition in June I was blown away by the fabulous work on display- particularly the blackwork. Never done this and I missed the workshop back in November. So a bit of research needed!! Bought a book – the Stitch Bible by Kate Hazel. Wow, it’s so useful! There is a very good section on blackwork. (Also crewelwork, hardanger and pulled thread work – but that’s for another time!!). Anyway, found some Aida in my stash and an embroidery hoop and started stitching. I haven’t got very far – started in the centre and I’m working outwards! Will post updates.