Blackwork 3

This is the “Housewife” I completed for the WW1 display at our WI Federation Christmas Fayre next Saturday. A bit more blackwork – thoroughly enjoyed the stitching and working out what I should put where. Henry Shearman was my grandfather and served in the First World War as well as part of the Second World War. I don’t know an awful lot about where he served other than his regiment.

I left the “Housewife” very plain inside as we were instructed not to include needles/pins etc but they were used during the war by the soldiers to repair their uniforms. In my research I found some wonderful original examples, most of them in a “rolled up” design – easier to transport! This is the poster for our Christmas fayre- unfortunately this year it clashes with our Embroiderers Guild meeting – and I can’t miss that – it’s my favourite way to pass the day!! 😍

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