Crazy Patchwork

Our recent Embroiderers Guild workshop was all about crazy Patchwork. I loved it!! We firstly had to sew 4 pieces of material together in a specific order (probably the easy bit for me as I’ve done this before) – but then we had to add our own freestyle embroidery to the seams! I struggled with this a bit as I am still a beginner at combining stitches to make interesting patterns. But after a walk around the room to find some inspiration I tried ignoring the seams completely and drew some curved lines with my trusty water soluble pen.

There were lots of samples and photos to help us but it was friendship day after all – so an excuse to chat to everyone was welcome!My curved lines in stem and lazy daisy stitch.Added a few flowers to the centre panel. I now need to add the flower centres (pale yellow I think!) and decide what else to include.

I am really enjoying this! It’s a challenge but gets me thinking and trying out different ideas!!

We have a few ‘Grandson’ days coming up so I will post an update when time allows!!

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